Media Testimonials

“Vauxhall and Macesport have been great supporters of the association and our membership. It’s a pleasure to work alongside them and a great spirit of trust, friendship and support has been engendered.”
– Andy Dunn (Chairman, Football Writers Association)

“Will always take a call from Paul because his organisation knows exactly how a newspaper operates and what we want.”
– Lee Clayton (Head of Sport – Daily Mail)

“We are inundated with agencies trying to sell in stories but it’s a pleasure to deal with Paul and the Macesport team. We have been able to be extremely creative in the way we approach our coverage in partnership with Macesport clients.”
– Howard Wheatcroft (Head of Sport, Daily Star and Daily Express)

“Loved working with the Macesport team in creating a first for Facebook with our Facebook Live event with England footballers ahead of the Brazil World Cup.”
– Glenn Miller  (Head of Sport & Entertainment Media Partnerships, Facebook)

“Rubbish full back for the England Media football team – if only he was as good as he shouts! Not a bad PR guy, though.”
– Shaun Custis (Head of Sport, The Sun)

“The best in the business. Paul knows how to walk the line between servicing client requirements and giving the media what they want.”
– Henry Winter (Football Correspondent – Daily Telegraph)

“Love dealing with Paul and the Macesport team. Knows what we want and gives it to us straight. Too many PR agencies haven’t got a clue about journalists’ requirements.”
– Dean Morse (Sports Editor – Daily Mirror)