Reydon Sports PLC have today announced that they have been appointed European distributors for the Albion cricket brand with immediate effect. I’m sure i’ll be sharing more about it as I read more. Albion, established in 1977 in Australia, is the leading supplier of cricket helmets, hats, caps and bags across the world. Worn by cricketers from the world’s elite right through to the grass roots of the game albion has been at the heart of cutting technology since the introduction of helmets back in 1977. Recently Albion Sports Pty Ltd, owner of the albion cricket brand, have been working closely with leading Universities, the ICC Medical committee, the ECB medical team, and elite male and female cricketers from England, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka and Australia to create a helmet to perform at the highest level. Now Albion Sports have signed up with Reydon Sports, the country’s leading independent sports wholesaler, for their products to be supplied throughout Reydon’s extensive network of more than 1,500 individual sports outlets. Brendan Denning, CEO & Managing Director of Albion Sports, commented on the partnership; “We are very excited about the partnership with Reydon Sports PLC. “They have an outstanding reputation in the industry and the partnership comes at a significant time for Albion Sports. “2012/13 will see the introduction of a number of significant improvements and upgrades to our range and an extension of our product portfolio which has a particular focus on junior cricketers. ”

David James, Sales and Marketing Director at Reydon Sports, said; “Reydon Sports PLC are delighted to become the main European distributor for Albion. “It is a very exciting time for the brand and we believe that with our in house expertise and distribution network we can play a key role in developing the brand further and getting even more albion products worn throughout the cricket fields of Europe. ”

Albion Sports pride themselves on delivering excellence in performance and protection and are currently worn by International players from every Test playing nation across the globe. In partnership with Reydon Sports a number of consumer and trade promotional activities will be available throughout the year. For more information the product advances check out the latest YouTube video -.