The English Premier League has flexed its financial muscles in the transfer market and comes out on top of the big spenders across Europe.

The has, this morning, released figures showing that the Premier League clubs spent a mammoth 52% of the total investment on players across the top 5 leagues in Europe this winter. Premier League spending topped €150 million compared to €53 million in French Ligue 1, €42 million in Italian Serie A, €33 million in the Bundesliga and just €12 million in Spanish La Liga. The confidence given from the new collective broadcast deals for English clubs is highlighted by the fact that the spending is also spread across more clubs in England than any other in Europe. Whilst Chelsea and Manchester United top the European spending, with €52. 8 million and €45 million respectively, Fulham (€16. 3 million) and Hull City (€15. 2 million) also feature in the top 10 of the biggest spenders in Europe. Interestingly 7 of Europe’s biggest names, Arsenal, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Juventus, Manchester City, Bayern Munich and Barcelona made no investment during the winter window. Indeed, it is the third consecutive year that Manchester City, Bayern Munich and Barcelona have made no purchases. Chelsea – Kings of the Winter Window

The , also shows Chelsea to be the “Kings of the Winter Window”. In the last 5 seasons Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea have had both the highest expenditure (€180 million) and most sales (€82 million) during the winter window. This year Chelsea topped both tables again spending €45 million on players whilst recouping €62 million. They also released the highest number of players in Europe at 13. Importance of the loan market

The importance of the loan market is highlighted in both Serie A and the Premier League. In Serie A 76% of the players leaving the league went out on loan to other clubs. The Premier League recruited 41% of the new players on loan, a significant growth from 29% in 2012. Squad sizes

As UEFA Financial Fair Play comes in to full effect, the net decrease of players in the Premier League has also reached an all time high. The net figure of -83 in 2013 is more than double the figure for the Premier League in 2012 (40). Italy remains the highest, however, with a net figure of -177. This is the fourth consecutive year that both leagues have shown an increasing net decrease. Parma released the highest number of players with 40 leaving the club this winter. The total number of players signed by the top 5 leagues in Europe was down by 14% to 257. Overall

European spending is down 4. 3% to €290 million in 2014. However, total spending in the 2013 transfer windows is up to a record high of €2. 4 billion – an increase of 32% on 2012. Investment seems to equal improved performance – the top 6 spending clubs in the Premier League have increased their points ratio so far this season. Esteve Calzada, former CMO, FC Barcelona and CEO, Prime Time Sport said;

“What our data reinforces is just how important the English Premier League is to global football. The fact that spending is spread across more English clubs than any other in Europe is arguably testament to the quality of football being played up and down the country and the worldwide interest in viewing it. ”

Other key stats revealed in the include;

  • Manchester City is the top scoring side in Europe with an average of 2. 84 goals per game, slightly ahead of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona (2. 79).
  • The Premier League is the most competitive league so far during the 2013/14 season with the top 3 teams collecting 71. 9% of the points on average).
  • Investment in new players brought better pitch performance, as all 6 top 6 spending sides of the summer in the Premier League have improved their points rate.

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