Cutting-edge sports medicine centre have recently added to their prominent sports medicine team with the recruitment of top global Hernia surgeon Dr Ulrike Muschaweck. World-renowned for her Minimal Repair Technique, which allows footballers return to light training within as little as 48 hours and full training within seven days. Dr Muschaweck hosted her first surgery at in Little Aston in September with several top-flight football stars already visiting her for treatment. The Minimal Repair Technique is a revolutionary treatment whereby only the localized defect in the inguinal area is repaired. Sound areas of tissue remain intact with only the weakness in the groin being treated. Hence the procedure is ideal for high performance athletes who in the past Dr. Muschaweck believes have been over treated with older established techniques. Traditional practices come with a five to six-week recovery period; time top professional football clubs and their players simply don’t have to waste. Previous patients at Dr Muschaweck’s home base in Munich include England football star Michael Owen and thanks to the her new UK surgery at Little Aston, sports stars with hip and groin related injuries need now only travel to the Midlands for their treatment. Dr. Muschaweck joins an established specialist Hip and Groin team working at ; including ’s performance director, Dr Mark Gillett, consultant hip surgeon Mr Callum McBride as well as the ’ lead physiotherapist Steve Wright. Daley’s office also has complained that lawmakers should have given the democratic mayor more flexibility personal essays online in his new authority over the schools. Speaking at an educational evening hosted by for industry professionals in August, Dr. Muschaweck commented: “I am very excited to be joining ; my new colleagues and the fantastic facilities there will enable me to offer a service of the highest level to my patients. “My key priorities is to provide a rapid treatment solution to those suffering from hernia-related injuries and a UK-base is a convenient option for my clients playing professionally in this country. ”

Dr Mark Gillett, medicine and exercise consultant at added: “We’re absolutely delighted to welcome Dr. Muschaweck to our specialist Hip and Groin Team at Perform Birmingham. Her Minimal Repair Technique has huge appeal to professional clubs as it promotes a safe, but speedy recovery for their players. ”

“She brings an immense wealth of experience and enables us to offer a unique service, available at no other UK facility, right here at Little Aston. ”

Dr. Muschaweck and the Hip and Groin team at offer a range of treatment options for players and work closely with their club’s to devise an effective recovery plan. For more information about treatment at , visit or call 0121 580 7131.