Objective: England team sponsor to offer supporters an insight into the camp as the players geared up for the World Cup in Brazil. Activity:  England and Chelsea defender Gary Cahill took fans behind-the-scenes in his daily video diaries during the Three Lions’ training camp in Miami. The videos were housed on the and including Gary’s prank on Joe Hart in the team hotel

Coverage:  Large pick-up across the internet, including the majority of daily newspaper websites, for the exclusive footage from an England international in the build up to a major tournament. <iframe src="//www. Weil die entdeckung des gases so schwierig war, gaben sie dem gas den namen krypton, was so viel bedeutet wie offizielle Web-Seite verborgen/ versteckt. youtube. com/embed/9VkUUnb8urg” height=”315″ width=”560″ allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0″>.