One of the greatest sprinters of all time, , has claimed that he could make Wayne Rooney a yard quicker and prolong the striker’s career at the top of the game. Johnson provides world-class training for youth, college and professional athletes and teams through , based at the home of the England national football team, St George’s Park, in partnership with. The 400-metres world-record holder has warned that the England captain must act soon to benefit from a training programme devised through the American’s latest venture. Johnson, who was almost exactly the same age as Rooney when he smashed the 200-metres world record and was nearly 32 upon setting the 400m mark, has helped to boost the speed of United’s academy players through his initiative. “I am confident I would be able to give Wayne Rooney an extra yard of pace as long as we could be fully integrated in his training,” said Johnson. “That would not mean just working with Wayne, it would mean working with the fitness coaches at United and asking what kind of time we could have with him. ”

He continued: “If he is going to do something about it, he had better do something quickly. We can only do as much as we can. ”

Johnson has already helped to prolong the careers of players in America and transferred the techniques over to the United Academy. Speaking at the conference in Manchester, Johnson said: “Before we established our operations in the UK, they sent a couple of young players out to us from their academy years ago and gave us an opportunity to see what we could do. This was under Sir Alex. “He was looking specifically for more speed with these two kids and gave us six weeks with them and dared us to produce a result. That we did. “We were able to increase their speed and could show that on film. If i’m out of shape, and you ask me to train to run a mile with a plan that involves a couple weeks of short jogs, i’m likely to believe it’s possible. “And we improved their acceleration. He was impressed and so we have maintained that relationship. ”

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