Objective:  Capitalise and on the availability of and ‘ legend Joe Montana in London ahead of the International Series in 2013. If your inventory is running a little bit low on pok balls, great balls and ultra balls, or you feel like you need to top up on eggs or incense, then now is the time to hit as many pok stops as is humanly possible. Activity:  Idea creation, organisation, promotion, event and media management of the Joe Montana Quarterback Passing Clinic held at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. The event was attended by over 50 of the UK national media as Joe Montana put them

NFL legend Joe Montana meet the British media at Crystal Palace Sports Centre

through their paces and even threw them all a touchdown pass that they will never forget!

Coverage:  Broadcast across national channels including , , , , and. National newspaper articles during the build up to the International Series game. Digital content for social media channels and a day to remember for all involved.

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