In Burton, football fever is at an all-time high with no less than eight England football squads in town training at St George’s Park. Also based at the home of the FA National Football Centre, regularly hosts Wayne Rooney and his team-mates, as well as players from all of the England representative teams in their cutting edge human performance centre. Set a timer one of the promises I make to my students is that I will keep my minilessons short. In our weekly blog with , sports scientist Chris Scott (pictured) talks the Burton Mail through some of the high-tech pieces of equipment helping the England football teams make the best possible match preparations. Anti-gravity treadmill – First designed by NASA to help keep astronauts fit in space, this high-tech device can remove a chosen percentage of your weight. This reduces stress on joints and is ideal for players carrying an injury. Altitude and environment chamber – Used by Roy Hodgson’s team to prepare for the conditions in Manaus, the chamber can replicate chosen oxygen and temperature levels. Biodex isokinetic dynamometer – A bit of a mouthful, but this clever device is an effective way of measuring muscle strength. A player sits in a chair and pushes against a bar with their legs as hard as possible, while the machine takes readings. Underwater treadmill – With a similar purpose to its anti-gravity equivalent, this sub aqua apparatus allows players to run while still recovering from injury. It forms part of an impressive collection of equipment in Perform’s state-of-the-art hydrotherapy suite. While this equipment may sound out of this world, it is available for all visitors to. Scott said: “Working with the England squads is fantastic and our team here are committed to helping them make the perfect preparations for competition. “We can also use all the expertise and facilities brought to St George’s Park by elite football to offer members of the general public the best treatment possible. ”

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