Is sports massage only for elite athletes? Definitely not! In this week’s column, England physiotherapist Steve Kemp from the team helps us dispel that myth. “Sports massage has a range of benefits for everyone involved in any type of activity,” he said. “It can be used to mobilise joints and muscles to alleviate pain, and increases range of movement. If you’re participating in the individual slice of examine now life story challenge this is where you share your own writing! “It can also be used to relieve a number of sports and work-related conditions. ”

The physiotherapy and sports massage clinic near Burton is accessible to all, from amateur to elite athletes and members of the general public. The qualified sports therapists deliver a quality sports massage service which aims to reduce pain and aid recovery. A sports massage differs from a regular massage as the therapist manually mobilises the tissues using a much deeper approach. Although not as soothing, it delivers the best results in soft tissue therapy. Here are Steve’s top seven benefits of sports massage: Increases supply of oxygen and nutrients to the soft tissue

Promotes healing and recovery

Reduces muscles tone in overactive muscles

Reduced swelling

Improves flexibility of the muscles

Removes toxins and waste products to promote recovery

Can help to prevent injury by restoring mobility

Sports massage used in conjunction with regular stretching sessions would be deemed ideal for recovery purposes, especially after training, a game or post event such as a marathon. Sports massage is also ideal for those minor muscle aches and pains which you often pick up after strenuous activity. If you feel that it may be more than a minor ache, it’s recommended that you seek specialist injury rehabilitation. also offer specialist sports injury physiotherapy treatment, as well as physio treatment for post-surgery, injury, or neurological conditions. Whether you visit our specialist sports therapists or physiotherapy team, each individual is ensured the best possible treatment plan for their individual needs, tailor-made by the friendly and knowledgeable team at. Sports massage therapist cost: £40 per hour/£25 per half-hour. Specialist physiotherapist- cost: £80 per hour/£40 per half-hour. For more information, please contact the team on 01283 576333 or email. To read the full story,.