The importance of physical fitness in golf has never been greater as highlighted by the routines of today’s tour professionals. Those from a non-golfing background could be mistaken to think that a good level of physical fitness could be less of a priority in comparison to others sports such as football or rugby. It is in fact a critical part of a professional golfer’s routine to address the physical limitations of their game that may lead to a lack of performance or encourage injury problems. Perform’s world-leading rehabilitation facilities at St George’s Park National Football Centre are now offering specific golf rehabilitation treatments to correct injuries such as golfers elbow, postural issues and upper limb problems. Perform’s golf rehabilitation has a focus on physiotherapy treatments from their specialist physiotherapists and sports physicians. The targeted therapy helps alleviate pain and swelling to help restore movement and function

It can also help to prevent further injuries and help with rehabilitation back to normal performance levels. Elite physiotherapist, Steve Kemp said: “The professional game is seeing more of the top golfers prioritise more time to conditioning and control work off the golf course and in the gym. “Not only is it likely to reduce injury risk and make them more robust, it can have significant effects of performance, seeing increased driving distance capabilities and improved accuracy to those who invest time and effort into their physical performance, not just their technical performance. ”

The 79th Masters, held in Augusta, Georgia takes place this weekend. The Masters marks the first of golf’s four Major championships to be held in 2015. The world-class rehabilitation facilities on-site at Perform are ideal for golf enthusiasts who want to perform pain free and to the best of their abilities. The clinic near Burton is accessible to all amateur and elite athletes. Hudson, the head of the district’s gis department, is most excited about the effort to georeference every classroom in the school system. For more information or to enquire about physio services, contact the Perform team on 01283 576 333 or email stgeorgespark@ spireperform. com