The 2012 Paralympic Games sparked an upsurge in the popularity of disability sport throughout the UK. The London Paralympic Games had an invaluable impact on the nation’s outlook on Paralympic sport that gave the opportunity for the likes David Weir, Jonnie Peacock and Ellie Simmonds to become household names. Following the rise in popularity of disability sport, Perform at St George’s Park, the National Football Centre have introduced specialist amputee residential rehabilitation. The rehabilitation programme is a new undertaking between new partner Dorset Orthopaedics and Perform. I hope you come back on tuesdays don’t stop writing; The programme is carried out at the Dorset Orthopaedic Midlands clinic and Perform’s rehabilitation and human performance centre in Burton. Significant benefits for a range of amputees include:

Daily one to one therapy to help patients achieve their personal goals

Each programme is tailored to individual needs

An interdisciplinary approach, the specialist Perform physios work closely with Dorset Orthopaedics to provide seamless care

Perform St George’s Park offer the highest quality in sports medicine services and human performance facilities, while the staff are specialist clinicians and sports and exercise medics. Perform director Phil Horton said: “It is a fantastic opportunity to partner up with Dorset Orthopaedics to offer a specialist amputee rehab service. “It was really important to Perform to make our rehabilitation centre inclusive to everybody, able bodied or amputee. ”

Each programme will be tailored to exact individual needs and will include a full and comprehensive prosthetic assessment, including cast and measurement. Also to be included will be personalised treatment from clinical and sports and exercise medicine experts, including physiotherapists, doctors and sports scientists. It is really important to keep the 2012 legacy alive and keep encouraging people to be involved in Paralympic sport and keep providing opportunities to encourage and develop talent in to the future. For more information or to enquire about rehabilitation services, contact Perform on 01283 576 333 or email stgeorgespark@ spireperform. com.