This weekend saw the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon hit the streets of the capital city. The masses and the elite will embarked on the 26-mile course around the city’s most recognisable sites. For those taking part the nerves may well have kicked in as the marathon requires maximum amounts of dedication, patience and perseverance in order to show up prepared for success on race day. Perform’s world-leading rehabilitation and performance facilities at the National Football Centre at St George’s Park are able to offer the best in marathon preparation. Perform have devised a specialist sports physiotherapy and podiatry screening which includes assessment of functional movement patterns. They are able to assess each athlete’s potential risk to injury, while providing corrective exercise as well as advice to ensure a suitable training programme is set in place. Marathon tips for success

  • Don’t try anything new.
  • You have practiced your race nutrition and equipment in training, so just follow what you found works.
  • Be sure to run the day before the race. Continuing on the theme of the taper and avoiding “staleness,” runners should always do a bit of jogging the day before the race.
  • Relax. Er stellte in seinem buch liber abaci die vorteile dieser zahlen an konkreten aufgaben aus der kaufmannslehre dar. It is very normal to be nervous as a race nears, but you must always quell any nervous energy and focus on relaxing.
  • Do resist the urge to make up for missed workouts. Whether due to injury, illness or simply a busy schedule, even the best-laid plans go awry.
  • Do make an extra effort to get plenty of sleep. While you should not be attempting any strenuous workouts, focus your energy and reinvest it in your sleep.

Perform at St George’s Park are able to offer specialist advice on an individual basis from a team of expert sport scientists. For any injuries that may occur Perform also have a dedicated physiotherapy unit offering high-quality treatments to get you back on your feet. For information about marathon preparation with the Perform sports scientists or physiotherapy services, contact 01283 576333 or email stgeorgespark@spire perform. com.