The chances are, should you ask how someone is in 2015, you’ll receive not an assurance of their wellbeing, but an appraisal of their stress level. It is said we work shorter days than ever, have machines for the household chores and spend hours on social media yet stress levels are on the rise and people are busier than ever. With demanding work commitments and equally demanding family priorities it’s very common that we take time to look after yourselves. We selflessly neglect our health and wellbeing and power through with day-to-day life. The National Football Centre at Perform St Georges Park are now offering a Perform for Life Wellbeing assessment to ensure you’re living a healthy lifestyle. Perform for Life is a state-of-the-art health assessment programme designed to give individuals a complete assessment of their health and lifestyle. More activities for students also mean more opportunities for parents to be involved, said write my essay for free for ms. The programme takes the learnings from elite sport to deliver the marginal gains that will give you the cutting edge in the workplace. Perform uses the latest world leading technology and one to one time with specialist clinicians who specialise in exercise, health and wellbeing. The assessment offered includes a medical history check, thyroid checks, urine analysis and blood sampling. The specialists will analyse your results and work with you to provide the tools you need to achieve your wellbeing goals. Perform director Phil Horton commented: “Good health is fundamental to functioning well in the work place and also in everyday life. Looking after your health is important to cope with the demands of modern day business and life from both sporting and business backgrounds. The wellbeing assessment is an excellent opportunity to ensure your body is in the best physical condition to cope with the demands your life brings. ”

No one likes the feeling of being over worked and over stressed. The ‘I’m really busy I can’t stop’ attitude is for lots of people, a way of keeping up the appearance of being successful and in demand but we mustn’t forget to take time out to look after our own health.