Nottingham footballing legend and City of Football ambassador Viv Anderson was in Nottingham on Tuesday to help test a series of innovative new football games that combine reality with imagination. GameCity teamed up with Nottingham City of Football to invite the people of Nottingham to try football with a difference. Over seven days of the GameCityFestival 2015, which finishes this Saturday, organisers invited Nottingham to play football in Market Square. But not just any game of football – instead, ten designers reimagined football for a particular audience, location or situation. Imagine playing football as a frog (Frogball), or with the goal in the middle of the pitch (Go Wide), playing football imagined as a turn based dice-rolling strategy game, or even Vampire Football for parents and kids. There are endless possibilities!

Iain Simons, the festival’s founder and co-founder of the National Videogame Arcade said:

“This is such an exciting concept for the people of Nottingham to get involved with. I can’t wait to see some of the ideas and football game models that come out of it. ”

“Ten years ago you couldn’t just make a game because the tools you needed to do that were much more expensive, but now anyone can make things. “Football and gaming are a perfect combination and we’re excited to be working with the City of Football to help increase participation in the sport across the city. ”

GameCity’s ten new ways to play debuted over ten days in Nottingham’s Market Square. Each morning there was a chance to test and refine the game with the public before settling on a final set of rules. De – das forum für studenten aktueller inhalt von andygens studentenseite. After a short break for printing and setup, there was an exhibition match, which was also broadcasted on a big screen in the Market Square. Nottingham was crowned England’s City of Football by Sport England and will receive £1. 6million of National Lottery funding over the next two years. Key challenges to be met include getting more people playing football across Nottingham promoting the cultural, social, health and educational benefits of football, supporting diversity among those playing football, and creating new initiatives, which can be replicated across other regions in the country. GameCity is celebrating its 10th anniversary this week. The GameCityFestival 2015 kicked off on Thursday October 22 and runs until Saturday, October 31. For a schedule of events and activities visit

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