Nottingham City of Football will host a Diversity Matters event in collaboration with Women in Football later this month to discuss diversity in the game and participation. The event, which will take place on Wednesday April 20 at Notts County Football Club, will kick off with a mini workshop, ‘Football needs you: How to get on a County FA board’. The Diversity Matters panel discussion on the night will be chaired by BBC Sport reporter Jess Creighton. Course format each and every week there will be a discussion on thinking subjects and scoring operations! Speakers include Annie Zaidi, Hala Ousta, Lisa Rashid, Amanda Chambers and Vivienne Aiyela. Amanda Chambers, Managing Director at Nottingham City of Football said: “We are really looking forward to hosting what we hope is a really positive event for Nottingham and the rest of the UK alongside Women in Football. “We want Nottingham to be the beacon for participation in football across the UK for people from all genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, social classes, and abilities. “When we look at women specifically, there are so many women and girls out there that aren’t involved in football activities at the moment but want to be, and we are continuing to engage them and get them involved in all aspects of the game, whether that be coaching, playing or refereeing. “Since the City of Football project began we’ve heard from women all across Nottingham and also from people of a variety of different backgrounds, so it will be really interesting to get together with what is a very influential group of people to move forward once again on the subject of Women in Football. ”

Annie Zaidi was the first South Asian and Muslim woman in her region to get a level two coaching certification badge from the Football Association. After previously being mentored by BACA, the Black and Asian Coaches Association, she became the chair and is also an ambassador for Sporting Equals. Lisa Rashid is a top female referee who has worked in sport for a number of years, starting out as a coach and a physical activity development officer for Sandwell Leisure Trust. Hala Ousta is a Women in Football Board member who is a keen equalities campaigner and is passionate about football and female participation. Hala is a member of several equalities groups and most recently sits on the British Council’s Scotland Advisory Committee and is the Founder and Chair of Inspiring Women Scotland, a female led organisation promoting empowerment and leadership for multicultural young women. Vivienne Aiyela has been Chair of the Anti-Discrimination Disciplinary Panel for the FA since 2013. Vivienne also works as a non Executive Director to the Metropolitan Police working closely with the Commissioner, senior management team and middle management teams on the Diversity/Equality and Inclusion agenda. Key challenges to be met for the City of Football project include raising the levels of participation in football in Nottingham, promoting the cultural, social, health and educational benefits of football, supporting diversity among those playing football, and creating new initiatives, which can be replicated across other regions in the country. The Diversity Matters event in collaboration with the City of Football will take place from 6pm to 9pm on Wednesday 20th April 2016 at Notts County Football Club. Find your football now at.