With Wimbledon 2016 set to start next week this tennis season is well underway. Here are some of the most common injuries in tennis:

  • Ankle Injuries:

The ankle is most vulnerable when you’re moving side to side so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most common injuries in tennis. The ATFL (anteriotibulofibualr ligament) is one of the most injured ligaments in the ankle, it’s most at risk when you side step out to hit a shot and roll over your ankle. The peroneal tendons that run down the outside of your ankle are also prone to injury in this position.


Achilles and calf strains are also common in tennis due to it’s on your toes nature and bounds around the court. Achilles that totally rupture are usually accompanied by a loud snap and inability go on your tip toes. Calf and Achilles pain should be treated with ice, rest, compression and elevation and you should make a gradual return to play. The most common cause of these injuries is sudden high loading, such as hitting the tennis courts when you haven’t been very physically active for a while.


  • Knee Injuries:

Knee ligament injuries usually occur when your twisting, turning and have rapid deceleration, all the things you do in tennis. Having good knee control by having good quad and glute strength will reduce the risk of knee injury.


  • Tennis Elbow:

Probably the most well-known injury associated with tennis. Tennis elbow doesn’t actually always happen when playing tennis. Repeating the same motion, as in swinging a racquet causes the tendons on the outside of your elbow to become tender and sometimes inflamed due to overuse. We usually test for tennis elbow by getting you to resist pushing your palm down onto a table and you’ll feel pain on the outside of your elbow. Making sure your tennis racquet is the right size for you can help in minimising the risk of tennis elbow.


  • Shoulder Injuries:

The shoulder is an unstable joint and high forces going through it can cause tendon or muscle injury. To reduce the risk of shoulder injury make sure you work on strengthening the shoulder and back muscles whilst maintaining good mobility especially of your pecs. One of the most common shoulder injuries is bursitis, due to the repeated movement of taking shots and serving the bursa can get pinched between muscles and the bony part of your shoulder causing inflammation and pain.


  • Spinal Stress Fractures:

Repetitive extension like in a serve can cause something called a Pars fracture in the spine. It is unlikely in the occasional recreational player and is most common in those who are regularly loading the back in this way. A pars fracture is usually felt most when twisting, leaning back and coming back up from being bent forward, it will usually get better rest and worse with activity and has a gradual onset of back pain.


If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from any of these injuries over the summer Perform are experts in rehabilitation, and our world class physiotherapy team will have you back to playing in no time. To enquire about a consultation please call 01283 576333 or email stgeorgespark@spireperform.com.

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