Cerebral Palsy is a neurological condition that affects the part of the brain used to control muscles. People can have a varying degree of symptoms which range from muscle weakness & stiffness, random and uncontrolled body movements and problems with balance and co-ordination. The severity of these symptoms and the effect they have on an individual’s life varies from person to person. Physiotherapy can help children and adults with cerebral palsy improve their movement and control by improving strength, working on muscle and joint mobility, increasing balance and co-ordination alongside giving a home exercise plan so that the patient can maintain any improvements made during Physio sessions. Normally physiotherapy is started at a young age to maximize its effectiveness throughout someone’s life. One of the issues in cerebral palsy is the risk of contractures, where the muscles are so tight that they cause a deformity. It’s really important especially when a child goes through a growth spurt that the muscles are kept mobile and moving to stop pain and discomfort that occurs with contractures. Here at Perform we have great facilities that enable us to treat patients with cerebral palsy, particularly our hydrotherapy suite, the warm temperatures of the Vario pool, underwater treadmill and hot spa help with muscle relaxation which makes mobilizing and stretching easier for both the patient and therapist. Die saaterbse ist ein selbstbestäuber https://www.bachelorschreibenlassen.com/ und selbstbefruchter. Hydro also helps improve walking, as the joints are offloaded and the water helps with confidence and balance. Studies have shown that a regular hydrotherapy program also helps with gross motor control, muscle strengthening, energy expenditure and an improvement in mobility performance at home and in the community which improves the child’s integration. We also have a Biodex postural stability system which an American study showed to be more effective at improving children’s balance control and gait functions than traditional therapy alone. The Biodex postural stability system is a lot like a Nintendo Wii Fit Balance Board, where you stand on a board that we can change the stability of and you then use a screen to go through different challenges and puzzles. The physios at Perform always do an in depth assessment as each patient is individual and will have varying severity of symptoms and different needs. We aim to make physiotherapy as fun and enjoyable experience as possible so that it becomes something to look forward to from session to session. We give a home exercise program that should be built into each patient’s lifestyle to make it as easy as possible to complete each day meaning that the patient gets the most out of their time at Perform. For more information on how we can help with Cerebral Palsy treatments please call 01283 576 333 or email stgeorgespark@spireperform. com.