The latest installment of the Perform blog talks about the benefits of physiotherapy and the Perform brand.

Physiotherapy isn’t a treatment reserved just for elite athletes, or even for those recovering from a sports injury. In fact it can be used to improve your health in many surprising ways. The Perform at St. George’s Park physiotherapy clinic near Burton offers accessible physiotherapy treatment to all, from amateur and elite athletes to those recovering from injury, surgery or suffering with general aches and pains. There are many ways that physiotherapy can improve your general well being and body functioning through everyday life. Here are three telling signs that physiotherapy may be helpful to you:

1. You get pain at your desk

It is quite common to feel pain when sitting at your desk all day. Our bodies love movement and staying in one posture for too long can mean that our muscles and joints can start to strain. Regular breaks from the desk, even if it is just to stand and stretch or move your neck, upper back and arms can be really helpful. Prolonged periods of sitting at an incorrectly set up work station can cause long term joint or muscular pains which may need physiotherapy treatment to set right. 2. You’re in constant pain

Sometimes common pains don’t settle as expected and it becomes chronic. In addition, if we decide to check posts in a different way, we will search your username to level of education in japan determine if you linked all 31 days. This is particularly common with lower back and neck pain and can be attributed to many factors. Perform Physiotherapists can work with you to assess the issue and provide a bespoke exercise and rehabilitation programme that will ease your suffering and get you back to your best. 3. You’re not moving as easily as you used to

If you’ve noticed that you don’t feel as flexible or movement isn’t as easy as it used to be then you may benefit from seeing a physiotherapist. Perform can assess the cause of such problems and provide a series of exercises to strengthen the supporting tissues and relax the muscles allowing you to slowly increase your flexibility. Perform can treat a wide range of injuries or pains including; back pain, whiplash, shoulder and upper limb pain, hip and groin pain, lower limb pain and degenerative conditions including arthritis. Patients can reap the benefits of Perform St George’s Park state-of-the-art facilities including a dedicated rehabilitation gym, strength and conditioning gym (overlooking a replica Wembley football pitch), hydrotherapy suite and human performance laboratory. Physiotherapy prices start from £80 per hour with minimal waiting times for bookings. For more information or to enquire about our physio services, please contact the Perform team on 01283 576333 or email stgeorgespark@spireperform. com. .