Digital media and collaboration platform PT SportSuite has announced a pioneering new partnership with Bristol Sport to transform the organisation’s digital ecosystem.

PT SportSuite will work closely with Bristol Sport, encompassing Bristol City, Bristol Bears and Bristol Flyers, to create a new digital home for their supporter community by bringing their digital infrastructure in line with that of a modern media house.

The PT SportSuite platform represents the first steps into the sporting arena for parent company Publisher’s Toolbox, digital transformation specialists with more than 10 years’ experience in transforming traditional publishing and broadcasting groups. The Publisher’s Toolbox team of digital engineering specialists and sports communication professionals have invested nine months in customising the digital products that make up Publisher’s Toolbox to meet the needs of modern day sports organisations like Bristol Sport.

Publisher’s Toolbox CEO Richard Cheary, who will fulfill the same role with PT SportSuite, is thrilled to have the opportunity to expand the company’s digital learnings and IP investments towards sports organisations.

He says: “It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Bristol Sport to date; we’ve been made to feel so welcome and afforded the opportunity to shape a new digital roadmap for them; streamlining their digital capabilities.

“Our innovative mobile reporting tool, cloud-based asset management, digital publishing platform and mobile app suite, means Bristol Sport can now increase the amount of digital content they capture, store, manage and publish to their fans, while innovative technology like our augmented reality scanning tool will allow the club and its supporters to interact in new and exciting ways, providing more value for fans and sponsors alike.”

For Bristol Sport’s Group Head of Media, Lisa Knights, working with PT SportSuite means their digital media operation has been streamlined into a single ecosystem, taking away hours of chasing video links, emails and WhatsApp messages with systems that don’t work together or store files with on-demand availability from anywhere in the world.

Knights said: “Our sporting group structure of multiple clubs under one ownership means that we often require our digital assets to be shared and on demand 24/7.

“We wanted a platform that was similar to a broadcast operation; something that allowed us to be dynamic and nimble with capturing and sharing video media while also transforming the security and management of our video data storage.”

Cheary continues: “This was the motivation behind our PT SportSuite digital platform. As a team we wanted to give sports organisations of all kinds a complete end-to-end digital platform offering that would drastically enhance their digital processes and capabilities, essentially transforming them into media powerhouses with the tools to bring the club, players and fans together in a sustainable digital community.”

“Bristol Sport was the perfect partner to explore this as we share a similar mindset of doing things differently,” he says.

PT SportSuite is proud to be attending Leaders Week London from 7-10 October. To learn more visit