Filtr sports has announced a new partnership with Cricket Serbia, the official Serbian Cricket Federation.

Filtr Sports is a cricket recruitment platform designed to bring clubs and players closer together, on a global scale.

Through the Filtr app, cricket players of all levels can connect with any club also signed up to Filtr. Players can search for exactly what they’re after and find the club which is a perfect fit for them, with all clubs and players having profiles stacked with personal information. Clubs are also able to do the same and search for the right kind of player that meets all their requirements.

This partnership means that Filtr users can now find and connect with Cricket Serbia through the Filtr app.

Anyone will be able to connect with Cricket Serbia and expand their network, but it is a particularly exciting prospect for anyone with Serbian heritage or a Serbian passport. For people with the latter, it’s an opportunity to represent Serbia at international level.

Matt Price, founder of Filtr Sports said: “We are delighted to have partnered with Cricket Serbia. It’s not just another member joining the Filtr network, but a national cricket federation that brings the possibility of international opportunity for our cricketers on the app. It’s a huge step for the Filtr recruitment network.”

“Filtr is now a place where players can find opportunities to play somewhere else in their own country, somewhere else across the world, or seek an opportunity to play internationally”

Cricket Serbia have already discovered 11 players to date worldwide, and this partnership with Filtr sports should only see that number continue to rise.

Jared Wilson, representative of Cricket Serbia said: “We are looking forward to the future having partnered with Filtr Sports and featuring on their platform. It’s an exciting tool for a country that is still in its infant years of cricket involvement, but evolving rapidly, and Filtr gives us the opportunity to reach out to the cricket hotspots of the world.”

Cricket was finally launched in Serbia in October 2007, when cricket enthusiasts Harris Deitch, Nenad Dugic, Darko Ivic, Vladimir Ninkovic and Amberish Sarang, with the help of the British and Indian embassies, began organizing the first trainings.

By 2010 the Serbian national team was making its debut at international competitions. By 2015, they became an associate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) as well as launching competitions for younger age groups in the ‘competition of pioneers’ (younger up to 13 and older up to 15 years).

For more information on Filtr Sports and Cricket Serbia, you can visit their official websites below:

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